Terms & conditions

Return policy

All unclaimed or refused shipments for any reason returned to us by the postal service can not be refunded nor redeemed.


When you send us an order online, your personal information and credit card information will be kept confidential and will be erased from our data once the payment will be settled.

Shipping and packaging

All orders are shipped via international shippers. Your order will be shipped as soon as possible after the payment reception did. We will keep in touch until you receive your artwork(s) order. Happy Gallery Cambodia is not responsible for duty or Customs fees.

For Custom Orders, please contact us directly for details and instructions.

In the case of additional costs related to customs controls,  it is the recipients of packages to pay the fees. Customs checks are random, Happy Gallery Cambodia is not responsible for any costs incurred.


The prices listed on the website, are in US dollar (US$) currency.
The selling price excludes any transportation and any taxes. If taxes are needed, it is the customer receiver who has to care for GVt inquiries.


It is the customer’s responsibility to get information about the current regulations applied in the country of destination of the order. Happy Gallery Cambodia can not, in any circumstances, be held responsible for customs clearance refusal in the country of destination, and reimbursement of the order cannot be claimed even in the event of a return of the goods by the carrier.
If we are talking about handcrafted paper, take note that sizes could be a little bit different than described on this website. Regarding any artworks shown on the website, please remember that color shows can be not totally exactly the same as shown in photos.

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