White Elephant on fuchsia background, 55×77 cm /21.5×30 in.


54x76cm – 21x30in
Numbered Serigraph
on Hand Made Paper

A Hand-pulled Serigraph is a fine art product and will always have value. It is not a no-value print done by a machine. A hand-pulled Serigraph is a quality print made often by leading printmaking artists, including Andy Warhol, who could be sold for thousands to millions of dollars. Hand-pulled Serigraph collecting is a great way to start an art collection. Unlike the digital printing process, a Hand-pulled Serigraph is a hand-made art process requiring a skilled artist and ancient print process skills. It is a very old technique, over 1000 years, that needs accuracy.

Each image is limited to a numbered edition, heightened by the artist’s hand with acrylic paint, ink, and glitter. Stef’s Limited Edition Serigraphs are limited to 350 copies.

Serigraph printing technique where a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate, except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil. If you have 6 colors in your serigraph, its means that we had to use six different silkscreens to be able to transfer six colors on the support. For his Serigrtaphs Collection, Stef uses a very strong and rough hand-made paper produced in the North of Thailand, called Saa paper. Stef’s Serigraphs are a must-have piece for someone who wants to start an art collection.

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