Quebec Wet Kiss, 61x76cm / 24x30in. For Collectors only.


Acrylic on Canvas
This particular painting is an opportunity for someone who has a contemporary art collection and does not want to invest a big amount. It is a must-have. Painted in 1992, this is the very first canvas for the Happy Painting series. Most of the happy paintings created between 1992 and 2010 are no anymore in the artist’s possession. This work of art is an excellent investment because it is a rarity.

Before starting my Happy Painting series, I was a cartoonist using a completely different style of drawing. The great change in my artist’s life started with this painting. At that time, I live in the French old quarter of Quebec City, Canada. I was in love. It is the reason that we see in this composition two fishes kissing each other.

Fish symbolizes fertility, feelings, creativity, good luck, transformation, health, abundance, serenity, happiness. All of these happened to me in the next decade of my life. The Castel in the painting is the famous Chateau Frontenac who represents Quebec City. The mask between two different fruits is representing the illusion sometimes life brings to us. The gold triangles line shows the ups and downs of our road in the reality.

My girlfriend and I decided to travel to Asia in order to see my two brothers who worked there. We started our trip in 1993. It was supposed to be a 5 or 6 months travel. I don’t know why, but I bring this painting to my luggage. I am still in Asia after more than a quarter of a century. I paintings hundreds of artworks with this new style called Happy painting, opens several Happy Painting galleries, and Happy Cambodia Galleries open 7/7 offering non-stop solo exhibitions of my works, developing merchandising illustrated with my happy paintings, since 1995… until 2020 March, due to the Coronavirus.

In my mind, this key painting deserves to be for an Art Collector or for an Art Museum.