Monks on the beach, 55 x77 cm /21.5×30 in.



54x76cm – 21x30in
Numbered and signed SERIGRAPH
on Hand-Made Paper.

A Hand-pulled Serigraph is a valuable fine art product. It is not a no-value print done by a machine.

It is a quality artistic print made often by leading printmaking artists, as Andy Warhol. A very famous artist limited edition serigraph could be sold for thousands to millions of dollars.

It’s not a Digital Printing.

The Handmade Serigraph is an ancient process truly requiring very old printing skills, those used before the printer machine invention.

Handmade Serigraphy Technique is over 1000 years old print process.

Each Stef’s serigraph edition is limited to 350 copies only, numbered and signed by the artist.

•How it’s done?

Serigraph printing technique is basically transferring inks onto a substrates, excepting in areas previously made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil screen. For example if you have 6 or 8 colors in a Stef’s handmade serigraph, its means that we have to use 6 or 8 different blocking stencil screens, 1 stencil screen per color, in order to be able to transfer each different colors, 1 color with 1 screen at a time, to very specific areas on a support.  For his Serigraphs Collection, Stef uses as a support a very strong and rough hand-made paper. This paper is produced in the North of Thailand under the name of Saa Paper.


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