Leaves of Dream, 138×200 cm / 54×78 in.


Leaves of Dream, 2021.

138×200 cm / 54×78 in.

Original acrylic on canvas by Stef.

Leaves, in general, symbolize a new beginning, growth, change, or the end of something. It is cool. Leaves also symbolize time.

In this composition, I decided to please Loulou, it is my dog, who is often sleeping at my side when I am creating paintings. By inputting a lot of tiny multicolor bones, it is a way to say hi to Loulou’s dreams. Just for fun. From a symbolic point of view, bones often represent permanence beyond death as well as our earthly passage. In some way, bones represent our truest and barest self: they are the frame of our bodies – our home and anchor in the physical world.

 Leaves are part of the natural life and death cycle. I hope that healthy nature will not become just memories for most humans. We depend on it for our health, happiness, and prosperity. Happiness connects us to nature, and we form profound bonds with vibrant colors.
Be surrounded by happy colorful art, you deserve it!

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