A Cambodian Cool Dad, 40×40 cm / 16×16 in.


40x40cm – 15x15in
Original Acrylic on Canvas

In traditional Asian culture, when children are young, parents look after them, and when parents are old, their children look after them. Children are taught to respect their elders, stay with them and care for them as they get old. As it was in Occident until the end of WW1. Modern life has good and bad sides as everyone knows. Many Cambodian have to work and have families of their own trying to do their best with very small incomes. They say the money helps, and it is true, but without real attention to each other and daily kindness, a family, rich or poor, may turn not happy.  I always believed that if you really want something bad, you will find a way. Also, jobs may come and go, but you only have one parent. In this particular painting, I try to show loving parents. A Farmer’s young father is playing with his kids on his bike. Mama is at her window watching them. Perhaps she calls them because the meal is ready.

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