Three Monks Walking on the Beach, 50×60 cm / 20×24 in. Original acrylic on canvas.


“Tree Monks on the Beach”,

50×60 cm – 20×24 in.
Original Acrylic on Canvas, 2017.

This painting represents a memory from a holiday on Thailand’s beach, on Kho Samed, a small island a few hours south of Bangkok. I am a morning bird. I used to wait on the beach for the restaurant to open for having my breakfast. This scene is special. Monks do not go to the beach to relax as we do. Monks pass by very early only to collect the offerings of the residents. I enjoyed watching the scene for his beauty of colors, blue, yellow, orange, ochre.

What better way to start a day than filling yourself with the natural kindness of Buddhist villagers? Monks quickly collect some food after a few prayers to get back to the Pagoda before the big heat.

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Dimensions50 × 60 cm