The Long Tail Boat Ride, 138×200 cm / 54×78 in.


The Long Tail Boat Ride

Original Acrylic on Canvas

138×200 cm / 54×78 in.

Riding a longtail boat is a bit of an adventure in itself – the distinct narrow, beautifully crafted wooden hull is powered by the famous longtail engine – basically, a car engine with a propeller shaft attached. The longtail boats were made famous by the chase sequences in the James Bond flick The Man With The Golden Gun, and they can shift when the boatman opens up the throttle. This painting of a Thai fisherman with his kid on his longtail boat is a kind of memory of me and my son in Thailand on our way from Ban Phea to Kho Samed, a pretty cool island not too far from Bangkok. My son always loves to be seated in the front to enjoy the wind blow.

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