Respect is a Must, 30×40 cm / 12×16 in


Respecting Father is a Must, 30×40 cm / 12×16 in
Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas, 2016.

For Buddhists, it is very important to paying respect to parents. Respecting his father is a must-do. He represents the family chief, our living ancestor. All over the world, respect is always very present, not only toward fathers but also toward forefathers, mothers, grandparents, parents, teachers… In South-East Asia countries is still very present. This is something I appreciate very much. That’s why I made this painting, and because I live in Cambodia. In Occident, since a century, this state of affairs tends to almost disappear, and I believe that it is not good. Respect is the key.

Caring and show respect all your life long to your father, showing reverence should be natural and should never fade.  Words and acts are powerful and each of those words and acts carries meaning. Be grateful.

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Dimensions60 × 80 cm