1998 Cambodian Family in a Cyclo, 88×120 cm / 35×48 in.


Original Acrylic on Canvas, 88×120 cm /35×48 in.
This painting was done in the first part of the second Millenium represents the typical scene of everyday life in Cambodia before 1999. Here is a standard middle-class Cambodian family taking a “cyclo-pousse”, local transportation used by everybody for his cheap price and convenient space. Crossing the street is a monk in orange with his yellow umbrella used to get some shadow under the very hot sun in this region of the world, besides some street vendors in a great discussion. Woodhouses are quite common in Cambodia. Now, Cambodia is more modern. This artwork is for me a nice memory of this little South-East Asiatic Kingdom. It is the country where I arrived in 1994 and fallen in love with.

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